From: Christina <>
Subject: Did you get all 5 lessons?

Just checking in

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Hi Tina

Just checking in to see if you got all 5 lessons from the FOOD & STILL LIFE Photography Course?

Sometimes emails don't go through, so if you missed out on any of the lessons, here they are:

Day 1: Mindful Planning

Day 2: Finding The Right Light

Day 3: Styling & Storytelling

Day 4: The Art of Composition

Day 5: Getting Tack Sharp Photos

Download ALL The Lessons Here

Ohh and btw, I would LOVE for you to come say HI to me on Instagram because that's my favourite platform for sharing tips, encouragement and inspiration.

Look for @christinagreve

Or listen to my Podcast THE EMPOWERED CREATIVE on iTunes or Spotify.

Thanks for being YOU and for taking my FREE course, I truly appreciate it.